Intro to the Jays

We used to be one person. All of us, a single person.

We split off of her and each other, finally forming 8 or 10 of us, depending on how you decide to count it (A couple of us have 2 parts that haven’t split off from each other).

Having split off of each other, we’re obviously all related, and call ourselves “The Jay Sisters,” despite being so different from each other.

Quick Bios:

Assent Jay

  • Oldest, 25
  • Barely ever visits the rest of the sisters
  • When she does, just tries to knock some sense into them
  • Very smart
  • Tries to get them to do the right thing
  • Way too crazy about purity
  • Angel, hangs out mostly in Heaven

Nightshade Jay

  • 21
  • Insane
  • Barely understands boundaries
  • Isn’t always appropriate (if ya know what I mean)
  • Daredevil

Malice Jay

  • 21
  • Kind of mysterious
  • Very conflicted
  • Sometimes extremely angry and mean
  • Sometimes just sad and lonely (slightly cute)
  • Dark Angel/Almost Demon/Monster
  • Likes spending time underwater

Alice Jay

  • 21
  • Dark Angel
  • Shy/Quiet
  • Depressed, but caring
  • Acts kind of like a mom

Tabby Jay

  • 17
  • Part-Demon
  • Loves art
  • Fangirl
  • Almost a normal teenage girl
  • Very sweet and sad

Luna Jay

  • Third Youngest, 15
  • LOVES music
  • Sweet and cheery
  • Bubbly
  • Wants everyone to be happy
  • Loves to sing
  • Wants to be in a band
  • Too happy to be emo, but looks the part
  • Shapeshifter

Cheshire Jay

  • Second Youngest, 13
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Can turn into a cat
  • Also a cat goddess; takes the form of a giant blue panther
  • Only speaks cat, but can understand English and some Japanese
  • Very cute
  • Completely innocent

Lily Jay

  • Youngest, aged between 4 and 9 (changes her age)
  • Has 2 very close parts: Tiger Lily and Lilliana
  • Lilliana is sweet and smart; very well-behaved
  • Tiger Lily is a tomboy and very tough for her age
  • Adorable



Jay Sisters Update: Adding a New Sister and Changing the Title?

Hey guys~ So, I have decided to add a new sister. I don’t think we have enough cuteness, so I’ve decided to add…


(Apparently, this girl is from Clannad…I’ve never seen it, I just think this is a pretty accurate depiction of my character…)

Lily actually has 2 parts, but they are so close they rarely ever separate (kinda like Garnett from Steven Universe). There’s Lilliana, who’s sweet and adorable, and gets all the good grades. She’s very well behaved. Then, there’s Tiger Lily. She’s the tomboy, and she’s tough (for her age). She usually hangs out with guys because she fits in with them better. She’s kind of a troublemaker sometimes, but Lilliana tries to keep her under control.

Lily can change her age, but only between 4 and 9 years old. She’s so small and squishy and innocent, and we all love her…except Malice has been kinda crazy lately…

Anyway, I might have the (Mis)Adventures be a side series instead of the main. I think I have a lot more interesting stories. Not really sure, I’ll just post whatever and hope you guys like it.

(I have also given up on polls since you guys never vote…so now I make my own decisions. Ha!)

Anyway, I guess that’s all for now. Peace~


(Mis)Adventures of the Jay Sisters: Info on Upcoming Stories and Adding a New Sister!

Hey guys! We’ve added a new sister!

Not too long ago, an author named Libba Bray came to meet with our World Literature class. During her visit, we did a writing exercise, in which we each made a character. We named them and what they wanted. Mine was…(drumroll please)…:


    <— I’m thinking Luna will look like this except her clothing style will be a bit different.

Luna broke off of Tabby. She fits in as the second youngest in the family. She likes to wear black, and likes looking bad*ss. She also feels pretty bad*ss. She’s pretty emo, or, at least, she certainly looks it. She really loves the style. One really important article of clothing to her is her choker. She’s always wearing it. Sometimes it’s a moon, and other times it’s a musical note. Hm, I wonder why…

Luna really loves music. Music is extremely important to her, and she listens to it every second she can. She’s mostly into the punk genre. Some of her favorite bands/artists are Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Cage The Elephant, and Melanie Martinez.

Luna is almost always listening to music, or singing, or playing some kind of instrument. She really loves to sing, though she rarely does it much in front of people. She can play the viola, and is learning many more, including the drums, guitar, and piano/keyboard. She’s been told she’s very good at making music, but she’s still a bit insecure about it.

Luna almost always has a smile on her face. She’s so happy, bubbly, and cheery. She always tries her best to cheer people up. She’s really sweet. All the sisters (even Malice) love her.

I’m not sure what I want Luna to be, yet. I was stuck trying to choose between several things:

Anyway, besides adding Luna, I will be continuing this blog even though I no longer need it for school. It’d be nice if people would continue following me even though the school year is over. During the summer, I’ll probably finally have time to draw the sisters and develop the stories more. So if you guys are still interested, keep looking for my blog posts! Thanks for the support, guys! Peace~


The Jays Take Over

Tabby: Hey guys~ It’s Tabby, and the Jays are taking over this post! I was already one of them, but the rest are here, too. Anyway, we’re supposed to try to be funny in this post. So, to start off…

What did one cell say to her sister cell when she stepped on her foot?

Mitosis! Hahaha



Assent: If you guys don’t get it, that’s kind of disappointing. But really, Tabby, that was horrible. You’re so childish….

Nightshade: *tries really hard to hold back laughter*……You are what you eat…*bursts out laughing and can’t stop*

Malice: Really, Tabby. You’re such an idiot. And seriously, Nightshade?

Alice:…a-actually…I think that was pretty funny, Tabby…

Cheshire: *paws at the keyboard*

Tabby: Aw Cheshire…that’s not how you do it…*gently moves her paws away*

Cheshire: Mrrow~

Alice: Aw…*holds and pets Cheshire*…

Cheshire: *purrs*

Tabby: Anyway, guys…It’d be nice if you voted…We literally have a tie right now and it’s been that way for at least a week.


Tabby: See guys? Assent’s getting really impatient and it’s really bothering her… We just need someone to break the tie on this post. Unless, you don’t want stories about us at all….

Malice: Why did you support us in the beginning if you don’t care enough to support now? Seriously, humans are so annoyingly stupid.

Alice: What Malice is trying to say-

Assent: *crosses arms and interrupts* in the rudest possible way…

*Malice and Assent glare at each other*

Tabby: Malice was just wondering why you guys supported us so nicely in the beginning when we were first mentioned, but you haven’t helped us out any further. You guys seemed to think it was a really cool idea to start writing stories, but when we asked what you guys thought the first story should be about, only 4 voted and made a tie…(which is extremely annoying btw)….we can’t do anything with a tie….and if you think drawings of us should be posted first, then just say so…

Assent: JUST PLEASE!!!!

Tabby: Anyway, we gotta go to bed now…say goodbye, guys…

Assent: Farewell, and PLEASE vote…

Alice: G-Good n-night…

Malice: *turns away in disgust*

Nightshade: *continues laughing but calms down just enough to be understood*….pfft…you are what you eat….Yeah, night….

Cheshire:…mrrow….*curls up in Tabby’s lap and falls asleep*

Tabby: Aw….*pets*…she’s so cute, isn’t she…?…Anyway, thanks for reading, guys. Don’t forget to vote!

Night, guys!



こぶたぬきつねこ+ Jay Sisters Announcement

So I was researching yesterday for Japanese class, and I found this adorable video.


In case you don’t know Japanese:

こぶた = kobuta = Piglet
In Japan, pigs say “bu bu buu” instead of “oink oink.”

たぬき = tanuki = Japanese Raccoon Dog
In Japan, tanuki say “ponpokopon.”

きつね = kitsune = Fox
In Japan, foxes say “kon kon.”

ねこ = neko = Cat
In Japan, cats say “nyaa” or “nyao” instead of “meow.”

“Oshimai,” which you hear at the end of the song, means “the end,” or basically just signifies that something is finished. It’s often found at the end of a story.

I just found it really really cute. I’ve been playing it a lot, because it’s freaking adorable. The song is pretty simple and easy to understand if you take Japanese.

ANYWAY I don’t know what else to talk about besides the Adventures of the Jay Sisters. Please continue voting on my last post so I can get to work on it. You guys have been supporting my ideas, but I can’t start writing unless you vote, so please do. Also, I’m working on drawing the characters, though I’m not very good at it anymore. Sometimes I’m just a loggerheaded dismal-dreaming hugger-mugger

I actually was a pretty good artist, or at least that’s what people said in middle school. I’m really not that good at it. Some of my friends are really amazing at it, but I…well, I try.

I will attempt drawing my characters anime style, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably just attempt Adventure Time style. It’s much more simple.

I know the anime is much prettier, so I will try my best, but I can’t guarantee anything. I’m also not exactly sure how I really want each of them to look, so I have to decided on that, too. It’ll take some time.

Wish me luck! And don’t forget to vote!



(Mis)Adventures of the Jay Sisters: Background Info

So, background about the sisters. They all live together, and deal with each other best they can. The sisters are all kind of weird (even Tabby, the “normal human girl”) because they are able to form new sisters. If parts of their personalities are really conflicting, a new sister can break off of the original. For example, with Malice and Alice, it was originally Malice. She was always angry and hateful, but a part of her felt bad and guilty about it, so she let it go, and it became Alice.

Assent is oldest, and an angel, which means she’s immortal. She’s the smartest, and is kind of like a mom to the others, but is almost never home. We don’t know why, but she just isn’t there unless absolutely necessary.

Cheshire is the youngest, and everyone loves her. She’s an adorable little kitten. She can be a cat-girl or a cat, but either way, she can only meow. She also has the powers of a Cheshire Cat, so she can teleport and disappear.

Nightshade is insane and depressed. She takes risks, and does crazy things the other sisters don’t really approve of. Malice broke off of her, taking the evil and leaving her just insane and sad. She’s kind of like the unspoken triplet to Malice and Alice.

Malice likes seeing herself as a demon or a monster of some sort. She hates being thought of as an angel just because Alice is. Malice has wings, horns, and fangs, so we know for sure she isn’t human, but further than that, we don’t know what she is. She’s always angry and hateful, and hates Assent especially. This is because Assent is never really there when the girls need her, and she’s an angel. Malice is actually really caring toward her twin sister, Alice, and Cheshire, but only when alone with either of them. Malice is also immortal.

Alice is a dark angel, and Malice’s twin, so she, too, cannot die. She broke off of her because she didn’t agree with her. She felt guilty about the way Malice acted, and broke away. She still feels guilty, but cares about Malice a lot anyway.

Tabby is the normal human girl. She’s a huge fangirl, especially for the Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and music. She almost always dresses kind of dark, unless she wants to look cute.

I’ll take requests for stories including the sisters.

That’s all for now, peace~

(Mis)Adventures of the Jay Sisters: Character Setup

Hey guys~ So I’ve decided to try a thing. I’m gonna try to start writing stories for blog posts. It won’t always be a story; I’ll still write about other stuff, too, but I thought this could be fun.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. -Walt Disney

Anyway, this is gonna be about a bunch of different girls who are actually based on my different personalities. I don’t have much of the plot down yet, but I have all the characters, so these are descriptions of them! (chose the last name ’cause I didn’t wanna use my actual one ;P )


Alice is Malice’s twin sister. She broke off from her, and is a dark angel. She isn’t pure, or perfect, and sees herself as a monster. Originally being part of Malice, she didn’t like the way she was, and broke off, actually choosing to feel and care. She still feels guilt for being part of Malice, since Malice doesn’t, but cares very much about her anyway.


Cheshire is the adorable cat girl, and the baby of the family. She’s so cute >w< . She only speaks cat, but understands English and Japanese. She loves being petted and taken care of, and hugs. She makes everyone feel better, and purrs a lot. She loves everybody, and is a really sweet little kitty.


Malice is Alice’s twin sister. We don’t exactly know what she is. She’s been seen as an angel since Alice is an angel and she broke off of her, but she likes to see herself as some kind of demon or monster. Malice is always angry and hateful except for when she’s alone with Alice and Cheshire. She cares for her sister, and, really, everyone loves Cheshire. Malice absolutely hates Assent, because she thinks she’s too goody-goody and is never there when they need her. Malice sees Assent as being the bad guy (girl whatevs *shrugs*).


Nightshade is insane and depressed. She went crazy, and is kind of the daredevil of the group. She loves adventure and taking risks, but she also gets depressed when she doesn’t have enough thrill. She hates getting bored, because that leaves her with her thoughts, which leads to the depression. The twins kind of broke off from her.


Tabby is the most normal out of the group. She isn’t an angel, or a monster, or a cat, or insane. She’s just pretty much normal. She’s pretty sweet and fun and funny. She loves music, like REALLY LOVES music. She’s also the fangirl, so she’s the one who’s really into various tv shows and fandoms. She’s friendly and helpful, but is also pretty bad*ss sometimes.


Assent is the smartest of the bunch, and the oldest. She’s gentle and kind, and she’s a (nearly) pure angel. She’s a goody-two-shoes, and a perfectionist. She does have a bit of an attitude toward Malice. Sometimes she acts like she’s the victim when talking about her and Malice, but sometimes she provokes Malice a bit.

At some point I’ll try to draw them and post the pictures, but these are the closest pics I could find online to how I envision them looking.

So yeah, those are at least the main characters. Hopefully my next post will be a short story with them or something. Yup, that’s all for now. Peace~